My Name is Leon

Fitness Is My Passion.

In all cultures, past, and present, it has always been the quest for humans to be successful in their everyday life and endeavors. For this pursuit, they’ve sacrificed the pursuit of a fit body and mind which is primal. Sometimes the reason for this could be a busy schedule or lack of dedication and commitment. Whatever be your excuse, never to worry because you’ve found the right person that’ll help you through.

Hey There,

Welcome to my world of health and vitality. Welcome to the confluence of vitality and convenience. Welcome to GFL Fitness. My name is YOUR NAME. GFL Fitness came into existence out of my strong passion for helping lives stay strong, nourished and healthy for as long as possible. This lifestyle could be achieved on the altar of proper exercise routines tailored towards your health needs. This is because health is a personal thing as the whole of life depends on it.


To enjoy a healthy life, it is essential to include balanced diet and exercise in our day-to-day life. However, due to a busy lifestyle, many lack these components in their life. Hence, the need for an experienced fitness coach arises. Not just a fitness coach, but a fitness coach that’s got:

EXPERIENCE: the best person to lead you through a dark path is one who’s mastered the tracks. This shows how much a goldmine my experience could be in all we do. With my experience, you don’t need to do spill energy around trying out different programs and routines. All you need do is take advantage of my knowledge and arrive at your desired result.

CONNECTION: to help, I first understand the issue before creating a solution. I connect with my clients and play the detective in a bid to ascertain the root of the problem. Afterward, I customize a unique solution based on exercise and other lifestyle modifications that’ll meet their health goals.

PERSONALIZED SOLUTION: Just as no two cases are alike or respond similarly to treatment, it is very accurate in exercising. This philosophy of mine delivers each day a new opportunity to create unique solutions for each client.

CONVENIENCE: research has shown that busy schedules and poor motivation are the major reasons behind an unfit lifestyle. Here at GFL fitness, I provide personal one-on-one support via Skype and other social media platforms. This way, the issue of busy schedules is eliminated as you can exercise anytime, even from the comfort of your bedroom. I don’t stop there, I go the extra mile offering follow-ups on my clients to monitor their progress and give them all the motivation needed to keep the spirit alive.

If you think my passion and style is in line with your knack for healthy living, please give me a call on xxxxxxx or drop me an email on the contact information attached to this page. Thanks for the time.